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Aug 31, 2010

2nd Annual Hustle N Grind

May 22, 2009

Dear Hipsters,

Jeff Buttars has put up a forum for fixed gear discussions. Go to to get an account and start talking about how fucking cool you are and how every other person in this city sucks balls. But really do go there and get an account; We want to get more people riding bikes fast and talking smack about it.

I'm one of the admins so if you have suggestions let me know. Right now it's just an off the shelf copy of vanilla forum software but we can probably make some tweaks to improve it. Nick from vegas is the main brain child but Buttars and I will probably do the tech stuff (if needed).


Apr 19, 2009

Danny MacAskill

The best bike skills I've ever seen, hands down.

Apr 1, 2009

Wednesday Nighter

UPDATED: 4/19/2009

Every Wednesday we'll be meeting at the C.W. Moore Park 150 S 5th St. Boise Grove (8th and Main St. by the fountain), at 6:30pm sharp. We usually leave as a group at 6:35 or 6:40. The ride is the same every week and we'll try to keep track of times in the future. The map below shows the recommended route, but the main intent is to get people out to Hill road then 36th st and do some climbing on your fixies to get over to Cartwright Rd. The finish is Harry's in hyde park for water, brew and food if you're hungry; You will be.

Google maps claims this route will take about 32 31 minutes in a car. The current fastest time is just under 32 minutes and I guarantee this will go below 30 very soon. Any bicycle can be used for the loop but record times will only be considered by fixed gears (breaks are okay). You'll need a decent gear for Hill road and Cartwright, but the climbs can be steep so I don't recommend bigger than 75 inches; 49x18 is pretty good, maybe a little big.

This is a "drop" ride which means the group will slowly breakup as the pace wears riders down. We'll all meet up at Harry's though, so just be safe if you're by your lonesome. For that matter be safe no matter what; The connecting road to Cartwright is largely hidden and has two gates to navigate around. The later of which is an almost invisible wire at the end of a downhill. Control your speed here.

DISCLAIMER: Riding bicycles IS dangerous and can be fatal. Be careful and take responsibility for your actions. Assume that every car, rider, and tree are trying to take you out at every turn.

See you on Wednesday!

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Nov 7, 2008

Rice Scooters

Scroll down to the scooters on this link. Wow.

Oct 26, 2008


Here's a short video from the bikes and rec race last weekend. I missed the first messenger race but got the bike polo, sprints and beer relay. I suggest watching it on the vimeo site for better quality.

You can now watch the full quality HD version from here; Just click the icon on the bottom right of the video (4 arrows) for full resolution.

Sep 25, 2008

Sturmey Archer's S3X fixed-wheel three-speed hub

Yeah you have to use a shifter but fuck it, this is sweet...

Sep 15, 2008

Fuck Toe Clips

Sep 8, 2008


I bought a copy of MASH SF this summer and gave it to my step brother when he told me he was interested in riding on the road. A few weeks later he was doing no handed track stands, backwards riding and wheelies on his first fixed gear. Yesterday he showed me the next coming of epic fixed gear movies from the same people that brought us MASH SF; It is called MACAFRAMA and will debut at Interbike later this month. From the looks of the teasers and trailors below it should be nothing short of amazing. The camera equipment looks to be upgraded to HD, and the cinemetogrpahy is just flat out awesume. Of course the riding isn't bad either so check out some of the videos on vimeo.